The Power of Flowers – November 2014


I recently finished reading a novel by Vanessa Diffenbaugh called the Language of Flowers. My best friend Karen recommended it, and she couldn’t have been more correct with my taste. It tells the story of Victoria Jones, an orphan girl going through foster and group homes as a child and teen. She discovers her love of flowers and learns the meaning behind them, incorporating this into her daily life. In Victorian England, people would give flowers based directly on the meaning they wanted to convey. There are multiple books and theories written on this subject, and so much to explore. Whether it was a suitor trying to declare his love, someone giving to those grieving, or flowers at a wedding celebration, every flower was thought about and giving accordingly. This really made me think, and try to give flowers in accordance to their meanings. I am sure this is the reason why we give flowers in the first place! I have been trying to keep fresh flowers on my vanity and coffee tables recently and give them to the people I visit.  It brings so much life, colour and joy into ones daily routine, a habit I will try hard to continue. I wanted to share with you Victoria’s Flower Dictionary and hopefully make a difference in the way you buy, plant and give to others.  Good Luck!

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