Spring in Sweden – April 2014

VÄLKOMMEN to SWEDEN! ( and I thought German was difficult, take a look at some of these words :)

Yes, another one off my bucket list. This past weekend my boyfriend Matthieu,  our friend Ben and I travelled to Gothenberg, Sweden to visit our friend Patrick who is there completing his masters in Business and Design,  and to celebrate Easter and his Birthday all together! I am not sure what I was really expecting, but Gothenberg and it’s surrounding southern coastline was much different than I thought. The architecture in the city was more European influenced then I imagined and the city has so much flare, colour and design elements everywhere. It is no wonder they are such trend setters in the world or art and design. Yes this is the land of IKEA and VOLVO !

We were blessed with extremely warm weather ( the Swedes were calling it their Swedish Summer ) and to think I packed only wool socks! If you have the chance I would highly suggest visiting this area. The city centre is filled with stores, fresh food, fish and friendly people and the coastline villages, harbours and islands offer sun, fresh air and open views. If I could compare it to any other place I would say Newfoundland, Canada. A huge thanks to Patrick for being such a great host ( and for giving up his bed for 3 nights) and to Malin for showing us the Swedish side of things. Enjoy the photos everyone.

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