Yoga – Dance – Foto – Meditation – Workshop & Retreat – Sept. 2018

Dear Friends, Family and fellow Readers …

Now that the weather is cold, and the last week before Christmas busy and stressful, here is a little something to keep you going. A tiny getaway full of sun, the sea, beautiful landscapes, and great people. I apologize in advance for my image post hiatus. The last 3 months of the year always seem to be even busier than planned. I finally had the courage, and made the time today to edit the images I took on the beautiful Ré island in France this past September.

For me September is magical. The colours, the moments, and the change of seasons. It is my birthday month and the grand moment of the year for us Virgos. While there, I celebrated my 30th birthday, and reflected on the years that will follow. Thank you all for making it so special. I wish I had a video recording of the 6 rounds of happy birthday ( in many languages and forms ) that you sang to me. It brought me to tears, and it is something I will remember always. I like to think that I have one third of my life behind me, and two thirds in front, and am excited and scared to see what adventures they will hold.

I am extremely blessed to be able to have met up with these then strangers, now buddies, to share experiences, walks, meals and movement together. It was my 8th? time visiting this magical place and I now feel as if I can call it a home. I spent two weeks there, one week giving the workshop to our 11 guests, and one week recovering and relaxing from all the action. We had an 8 day schedule full of dance classes, yoga classes, meditation mornings and evenings, sunset stretch sessions, and photography courses. It was busy, but all so worth it. I would first like to thank the wonderful Belo family for renting us their gorgeous and cozy home. Of course my two colleagues Bea and Dagmar for organizing, running, cooking and supporting this project, and last but not least to you 11 guests who made it so special. You managed to make a week fly by, and move in slow motion all at once, and I will be forever grateful.

Below you will see various images from our workshops. The beautiful beaches and landscapes that this island offers, and of course lots of Atlantic water images. These cool waves, and marvelous colours gave me strength, like they always do, and I am happy to return again soon.

A Foto & Yoga Getaway in September 2019 is in the making. Please contact me for more information :)

In the meantime Happy Holidays, Hanukkah, Christmas and/or whatever else you may use this time of year to celebrate, TO YOU ALL! ” I really do want world peace ” :p

Take Care, Andrea

One thought on “Yoga – Dance – Foto – Meditation – Workshop & Retreat – Sept. 2018

  1. Andrea , your photos are amazing as usual! They make me want to see this place you call “magical” any space left in the yoga retreat?

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