Ontario in August – August 2016

Hello Friends and Followers,

I have just returned to Munich from a 3 week trip to my hometown  in Ontario, Canada. I am tired, jet lagged, and yet somehow completely refreshed.  Being in Ontario in August for me is like a dream. It is hot, humid, full of long drives and so much good homegrown local food and drink. I return back to Europe feeling like I just left ( and of course 5 pounds heavier. ) I find myself wishing I had done so many other things while there. Those of you who live away from your home country must know how I feel here. All the schedules, planning, visiting and relaxing get all jumbled into one big mess.  When I return here and go through all of my photos, I realize how much we did see and do. I am so thankful to know so many beautiful and friendly people. We saw golden full moons, summer storms, colourful sunsets and bathed in multiple fresh water lakes and rivers. Thank you Ontario, you are a magical place.

A huge thanks to Laura & Megan & Marie, our friends Julie & Andrew & dogs Cash & Hank, and of course to both of my parents for hosting us and feeding us.  A huge congratulations to my little brother and his new bride! He was married a few weeks ago and I now have a big sister!

Here are some images from my time in Southern Ontario. Some locations include in and around Ridgetown as well as at the beaches at Clearville Park.  In the city of Toronto, on the Toronto Islands, and at The Scarborough Bluffs. We also explored the Ottawa Valley and along the Ottawa River.

Until next time…



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