Johannes & Nicole – May 2018

Dear Friends & Followers,

I wanted to share with you, the photos I took of two special people and their family and friends this Spring.  I was so excited when Johannes & Nicole asked me to be a part of their Standesamt ( City Hall ) wedding located on the Rose Island, Roseninsel, on Lake Starnberg, not far from Munich.  The small Villa on this island is now used for weddings and events, includes a small museum and can be toured, including its gardens and roses by the public.  It is only accessible by traditional wooden boats, which makes it even more special .

This classy, simple, Bavarian wedding, of 17 guests took place early one Friday morning this May.  The weather was fresh, and thankfully the rain held off, so we were able to enjoy time together, on and off the water in this gorgeous location.  Lunch was celebrated afterword at the newly renovated Ilkahöhe Restaurant, a beautiful spot with great views.

Thank you Johannes and Nicole, as well all of you who contributed to making this day so special. Enjoy!

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