Lofoten, Norway – July 2015

The Lofoten! What a place.

This is a group of islands and fjords that form a sort of peninsula in Northern Norway. It is really an amazing and variable landscape in the Lofoten. It is almost impossible to explain with only a few words and a some photos because being there is like no place I have ever seen. There are high snow tipped mountains, rocky coastlines, pine forests and long sandy beaches on the cold northern Atlantic.  We spent the past week with our rented car driving from fishing village to fishing village, camping overnight in our tent where we pleased. In Norway this is completely allowed! We had for the most part beautiful weather, much colder then the southern parts of Europe of course ( daily 12 to 18 degrees Celsius ) but a lot of sun and only some wind. It is not the easiest place to get to, we took 3 flights ( Munich-Copenhagen-Oslo-Evenes ),  but completely worth it.

We saw orca whales, we ate fresh salmon, visited beautiful horses, drove along miles of yellow and purple wildflowers and hiked until we could not anymore. We were also so North that we were able to experience the midnight sun, or really the absence of night. We saw the sun rise and fall but it never fell further then the horizon and gave a dusk like light to the sky all night long. It made our days long and rather enjoyable for camping and vacationing. Sleeping masks were a must have! I finally learned how to sleep with one of these : ) Here you will see photos of various landscapes and towns including Svolvær, Henningsvær, Hov, Unstad, Leknes, Nusfjord, Å and a few others. Enjoy!

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