Bicycle Ride – August 2021

” Bicycle ! Bicycle ! I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike … “

I have a new bicycle. And it feels exactly like the Queen song., “Bicycle Race”

Fast, slow, dramatic, exciting, beautiful, smooth and so many other things.

( Except I am clothed while doing so! Check out the music video if you have not. )

Over the past 9 months, Matthieu ( the saint that he is ) has spend multiple hours secretly planning and organizing this beauty for me. It arrived this past Saturday, and after a long sweaty day in the shop, I arrived home and took it out for a ride. And then of course, took a few quick photos at sunset because the light was just perfect. I was in shock for about 24 hours :) I think my face says this in the photos! I have only ridden it a few times, and each time I can not stop smiling.

The entire bicycle was built in Frankfurt, Germany ( frame and all ! ) by the talented bike man himself Eddy Kroemer This means I have a bike that is made in exactly in my size, and unique only to me. It really makes me feel special! Thanks Eddy for producing the beautiful city bike of my dreams. Your craftsmanship is so unique, as are you. Merci beaucoup !

Why did I choose to invest my money into something that costs me more than a used car and took 9 months and many hard stressful hours to make. I’ll tell you why …

  1. Most bicycle frames are produced en mase in Asian factories and shipped around the world for way to little. I didn’t want this.
  2. Instead I wanted to invest my money in a local craftsman. A handmade steel frame will last a lifetime. And Eddy profits from this purchase.
  3. I kept my money local, and supported a friend in his business instead of a large company I have absolutely no relationship with. Who probably doesn’t treat its workers right.
  4. This kept it’s environmental footprint low, and its durability and beauty level high!
  5. It has 12 gears ( my old one had 3 that no longer changed ) so I am protecting my knees and joints by giving them a few more options to change according to the terrain and circumstances. Especially since it is built to exactly my size, I am not forcing and pushing and yanking while riding, just gliding !
  6. When compared to a car, I can park anywhere I want. I do not have to pay for parking, gas, or insurance. I am keeping fit while commuting, and burning fat not oil. All winning points that keep my personal carbon footprint low.
  7. Over the last year my circa 1970’s used aluminum Kettler bicycle ( that I have road daily for over 8 years ) has started to fall apart. The pedals fell off, the tires needed to be replaced, the gears no longer change on their own. The dynamo light no longer stays lit. Last week the break lines failed, and the back fender fell off. I replaced these items, and will resell this bike for a small price to someone who rides short and slow distances around the city. Not the 15-20 kilometres that I commute some days. This in return reduces the amount of bicycles that fall into disrepair and rust on the streets of this city. And keeps the oldies alive!

Now here are all the specs for you bike geeks out there. Warning I have no idea what half of these terms mean, so please do not direct your tech related questions to me but rather to Eddy or Matthieu.

SaddleBerthould Cycles Selle cuir Mente BruneLINK
MudguardBerthould Cycles Garde-boue 700C x 40mm avant long + fixations – Inox poliLINK
Mudguard FixBerthould Cycles Kit équerre inox pour garde-boueLINK
Bottom BracketShimano Innenlager BB-UN300 VierkantLINK
Front LightSon Headlight Edelux IILINK
Rear LightSon Readlight for FenderLINK
Brake HandlesBLB Pista Vera Crankset – Silver LINK
GripsGuidoline cuir Berthoud – brunLINK
Chain GuardVelo Orange – Alloy Chainguard 48tLINK
CrankBLB Pista Vera Crankset – Silver LINK
HandlebarVelo Orange – Porteur Handlebar 23, 8LINK
Handlebar plugsGilles Berthoud – Leder CNC Race silber/braunLINK
PedalsMKS – Sylvan Touring Pedals silver/silverLINK
SeatpostKalloy – standard seatpost silver 27,2 mmLINK
StemNITTO – Technomic NTC-150 1″ Quill Stem – 25,4 mm silver – 90 mm 72 GradLINK
Handlebar bearingVelo OrangeLINK
BrakeAvid BB7 Road Disk Breaks 140 RotorLINK
BellSpur Cycle Original ( Frankenbell Model )LINK
Front BasketCustom Made by Eddie. All the ones we wished for were sold out !
FrameCustom made steel frame Kroemer FramesLINK
TiresPanaracer Pasela Wired tires – 622 – black / beigeLINK

Yesterday I was thinking of how much my bike is like a dog, or maybe even a modern day horse. I take it for a walk/ride each day. If take care of it, and invest into it, it in turn it takes care of me. I get fresh air while with it, stay healthier while using it, and feel good doing so. Body, mind and soul.

On that note, Summer is still here folks. So get out, go out, and ride while you can ! And remember to enjoy it. Life is a ride, not a race :)

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2 thoughts on “Bicycle Ride – August 2021

  1. What a great read Andrea!!! And a very sweet ride you have. There are many days I wish I lived in a place that I could ride or walk to do all my daily errands. There is a company in TO called Go Dutch that ship bikes over from Holland and resell them here. Check them out on Instagram. Now I can’t get the Queen song out of my head. Miss you.

  2. Wow… what an amazing thoughtful gift!!! You are one lucky gal!! Enjoy your new ‘ride’! hugs… Auntie

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