Cap Sizun, France – June 2022

For the longest time I thought that September was my favourite month. And I am not sure I have been totally converted, but man has this June has swayed my opinion by so much more than I could have ever thought. Even though it has been hot! Too hot actually ( yes, global warming is real, and yes every little bit you can do will help … ) I have been enjoying every minute of it. It’s hot highs, it’s rain storms, its heat waves, its humidity, its shady cloudy office days, and its sun.

Oh the SUN! Lorde’s song Solar Power has been in my head almost all month constantly. After 3 weeks spending 14 hour days outdoors, every day, I am reminded again how important this big burning star is to me. I have returned from my travels in Western France with such clear and golden brown skin. I feel reborn, and the Summer is just getting started ! Even though it has been an important month, it has not been an easy one. The things I have done and experienced this month have included many high highs, but also many low lows. And everything in between.

  • 2 x 14 hour train ride travel days
  • 5 x trains riden
  • 4 x cars driven
  • 0 x bikes mounted
  • 5 x days in a row over 30 degrees celcius
  • 1 x dog fight
  • 2 x kind dog bites
  • 1 x night dog sitting
  • 2 x hot mornings of bailing hay
  • 1 x morning driving a tractor
  • 10 x cliff walks
  • 3 x yoga sessions
  • 100 x hours spent in the garden
  • 1000 x of flower petals picked
  • 100000 x of sand grains between my toes
  • 15 x cold water swims
  • 30 x cold after work drinks
  • 20 x outdoor meals
  • 1 x overnight hospital stay
  • 8 x doctors appointments
  • 10 x days taking antibiotics
  • 1 x week on sick leave
  • 1 x less finger in utilisation
  • 3 x long deep & hard conversations with myself
  • 6 x long deep & hard conversations with others
  • 1 x love story lost
  • 1 x love story found
  • 1 x big family emergency
  • 1 x friends baby born
  • 1 x friends baby lost
  • 3 x books read
  • 3 x languages spoken
  • 20 x pages written
  • 1000 x tears cried
  • And so many birthdays celebrated !

It was a month. I will tell you that. But now that it is ending ( and half of 2022 with it ! ) I am feeling at ease. You know the moments that you remember the most when you are older? Well I had a whole month of those moments. And I am happy and ready for all that lies ahead.

Below you will see where I spent 3 weeks of my time. A paradise of a place, on a farm in Western France with Thomas & Camille. So close to the sea, the sun, and full of quiet beautiful spaces. Places I visited include : Baie de Trepasses, Pors de Théolon, Plage de Sant Tujan, Village of Point Croix, The Market in Audierne, and great food & evenings at Kom’Home,

I will let these photos speak for themselves, I am out of words for the time being, and wish you all a safe, healthy, rejuvenating and beautiful summer ahead. Take Care of Yourself! Andrea

Ps. Fu€k the American Supreme Court :(

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