Autumn in Bavaria – November 2014

Those who know me well know how much I love Fall. It is always a busy time of year, but one full of colour and beautiful weather. Fog in the mornings, cool air in your lungs and frost on all the crunchy leaves. I gave my boyfriend a plane ride for his birthday this year, piloted by a friend. Early on a clear sunny Sunday in early November we drove toward the beautiful Alps. Thanks again Robert! Matthieu was on cloud nine for days after flying over the Zugspitze (Germany’s tallest mountain) Of course I threw a camera at him for a few shots :) During this time I took a walk around a gorgeous lake nearby. All was still and beautiful on the small lake. A perfect spot for Fall images. I was also very fortunate to go for a short ride before we headed back to the city. I just love being in the air. One feels pure, clean and free. I can not wait for my next ride. I hope you all had a great Autumn. Enjoy the images!

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