Canadian Christmas – Dec. 2015

So I had been dreaming of going home for Christmas for years now and this year I finally made it happen. Missing 4 Christmas’ in a row is not fun for anyone. But what I wanted most was a White Christmas. Cold, snowy and well, not green. Sadly I received amazing gifts, and way too many of them, but didn’t receive snow until New Years Eve. A storm came off of Lake Huron and filled Ontario with a nice white blanket. I just love snow!  We had such a relaxing time spent with friends and family, and ate a lottttttt of amazing food.  All in all we attended 8 large family Christmas dinners!

A huge thanks to my Mum and Dad, the Beenackers’, the Van Mol’s, the Senyk’s, the McFeggan’s, the Reutz’, the Cornishs’ and all the others that hosted us. It was swell that I was able to come back to Munich 6 pounds heavier ( that’s not including the 150 pounds worth of luggage we brought back ) and definitely refreshed and ready to start off 2016 strong.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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