GROW TO GATHERa guide to seasonal cooking and sustainable living


Most of you know how much I love food, as well as photography. This new project combines both of these loves together in one bundle. Watch a video HERE to learn more.

Organized by season, with a corresponding photo as inspiration for every recipe, Grow to Gather provides appealing recipes and ideas for everyday use. This book not only gives us delicious meals to sustain our bodies, but also teaches us the best foods to cook, when to use them, and why.

Throughout all four seasons, cooking and photographing in real-time during the year 2020, I will explore the different growing seasons, harvesting and shopping in accordance with what mother earth has to offer.

This project will only be possible with YOUR help! Grow to Gather has a crowdfunding campaign online with Start Next.

HERE In English

HERE in German

Here you can exclusively pre-order the book, as well as purchase other rewards, like garden to table dinners and events, in order to support the project.

The Campaign is possible to fund from the 1st APRIL 2020 – 10th May 2020

I am very thankful for any support you can give me and am looking forward to your feedback !