Mountain Shadows – Winter 2017/2018

I know it is April, and Spring is here in full swing, yet here I am posting images of snow all the same.  I love Spring, but I might just love snow more.  I can never really make up my mind which season is my favourite, I guess that means I need all 4 in my life equally.

Just over a month ago I was in the French Alps in a chalet with friends eating too much cheese and taking Winter walks.  And in January and February I spend some days walking under snowy trees and skiing among glittery slopes in Germany and Austria.  Yes this Winter brought with it many cold days including lots of snow and lots of sun. Just how I like it!

Below you will see many images of snowy mountain peaks, and foggy morning frosts.  Some from the Chamonix Valley in France, some in the Zugspitze Region, as well as a few in the nearby town of Murnau. Goodbye Winter, Hello Summer !  I am excited to see all that you will bring.


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