Easter in Lorraine – April 2015

Dear Friends

I have heard so much about the “Chateau de Villé” for years now from my boyfriends family and have always wanted to visit. Such historic castles scatter the French countryside, some of them almost standing still in time, from when the soldiers abandoned them after WWII. I was so lucky to be able to visit one of these places. A small castle that has been owned by and lived in by the same family for many generations. This Chateau was originally build in 1608 and has been be re build and renovated many times since. The Easter holidays gave us the perfect time to visit this enchanting place. Villé is located in Lorraine which is in the North-Eastern part of France and is full of green rolling hills, old deep forests and a beautiful history. Unlike other parts of France this area is full of very simple farmers, hunters, fisherman and small villages. Some of my favourite things! I was blown away when we arrived on a crisp clear night after a long drive down the many windy roads. The moon lit up this charming multi family home and welcomed us in. I was astonished at how we stepped back in time to such an enchanting place. While there I enjoyed long walks through the deep woods was attacked by territorial geese!  I ate many fresh crossiants and the chocolate eggs I could sneak away from the adorable French children :)  Thanks to the Delaage and de Ravinel families for inviting me to such a marvellous place. I hope to visit again.

One thought on “Easter in Lorraine – April 2015

  1. Andrea, I think I allready told you once:your pictures are the view of a heard and not only of the eyes.you are such a talented photographer.when i remember that leo was jocking about the fact we never got on well since we are together,while you were taking the picture…I only see the positive sides of life in your pictures.thats what you are:ein LEBENSKÜNSTLER! Thank you

    Envoyé de mon iPhone


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