Prosecco Italy – May 2014

So, another long weekend in Germany means for me, more ADVENTURES! From May 1st to 4th I took an extra long train ride to Valdobbiadene, in the Prosecco Region of Northern Italy to participate in a food photography workshop. 12 photographers from all over the world joined together all with the same passion, FOOD!  Hosted by the amazing food photographers and bloggers Meeta ( and Jeanne ( I was welcomed wonderfully into the food blogging world.

The small city of Valdobbiadene was charming and offered the perfect backdrop for us to learn, practice and taste test Prosecco, meats, cheeses and dishes made fresh by the locals. Primo Franco ( 3rd generation from the Nino Franco winery) gave us a great tour and Prosecco tasting at his factory before we headed up the winding road to the beautiful Villa Barberina to have lunch and photograph a great meal.  The food tasted so good that I must say it was at times hard to concentrate on photographing! I learned a lot and am so happy to make the connections that I did in the area. A huge thanks to Nino Franco and team,  Meeta and Jeanne, and all the other participants for their company, conversation and teamwork in developing beautiful photos and friendships.

Below you will also find photos of the Valdobbiadene marching band! There was a festival in the town square while I was there for the Blood Donation Society! Orson Welles once said  “Italy consists of 5 million actors” and I totally agree with him. The folk here radiate with charisma no matter whether they are reading the newspaper or serving you pesto. Thank You Italy, I hope to return again soon. 

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