Winter Wonderland – Jan. 2017

When the first snow falls I am like a child. I turn giddy, literally jump for joy, and run through it as if I was still 5 years old. I LOVE SNOW! When a huge snow fall came the day before our ski weekend in the Ziller Valley in Tirol, Austria, I was ecstatic. It was -25 degrees celsius and even colder at night, so my fingers and toes literally froze. Thankfully the beautiful walks, many cheese dishes, and daily trips to the sauna kept us warm.

I am so thankful for Winter. The fresh air that fills my lungs lifts my spirits and helps me sleep long and deep. It is a special time of year, all that is brown and grey magically sparkles white and clean. Thank you climate change for turning Northern Europe cooler then it has been that last few years. This canadian girl is very thankful.

Below you will see images from the Zillertal, including the town of Reid. Warning: I kind of have a thing for pine trees. We also took a very chilly walk along the Achensee ( a small lake in Austria) where grey skies and beautiful turquoise waters greeted us. A huge thanks to Matthieu, Mathieu, and Katrin for such a great weekend!

I hope everyone had a great start into the New Year, Welcome 2017 !


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