At the North Sea – May 2017

This past weekend I took a trip with friends to the northern part of Germany to be a guest at and to photograph a wedding.  2000 photos later I am exhausted, but happy to have spend so much time with great friends, old and new. Stay tuned, the wedding post will come soon!

As we had an early flight on Friday, we decided to take a 45 minute drive North to see the sea. The sun was shining, and we all needed some fresh air. I have never been this North in Germany and was soo happy to be able to view these long beaches, bold blues and to walk on sand once again.  Even if it was only for 2 hours before the wedding festivities started, it was well worth it. Below you will see images from the Schilling Beach at low tide and all its beautiful colours and wonders.  Take Care!

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I’m Andrea, a spirited adventurer and photographer. I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada but my feet, my camera and my heart have lead me far from home to Munich, Germany where I currently live and work.

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