Struwwelpetra – September 2014

Yes. You should be wondering what this means and says. It is the name of a very hip an upcoming French band based in Nantes. And pronounced ST-ru-V-el-Pe-Tra. For the non-German readers out there, the name  is based on this traditional German storybook. I had the chance to see them play in their first concert in the Blockhaus. An actual WWII bunker in Nantes. I must say this was the most interesting concert I have ever been to. Everyone climbed down the few steps right off the street into the cement celler to watch these 4 girls rock. They played a set called 7:30. It started at 7:30pm and lasted exactly 30 minutes. Non stop rock-electronic-German beats. Rad an mesmerizing. If you want to check out there music click here : Enjoy!

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