La Bretagne – October 2017

So……. French Brittany/La Bretagne, is a province in North Western France.  It is a place with so much history.  A place nestled between France and Britain.  It is recognised by the Celtic League as one of the 6 Celtic Nations, holding a distinct cultural identity.  With a spoken and written language completely different to that of the rest of France.  I had no idea of this before I went there, so I was pleasantly surprised to learn so much.

We stayed on a newly purchased, very old, under renovation farm close to the Point de Brèzallec.  One of the most Western Points of France.  This is in the region of Finistère, which literally translates to ” End of the Land.”   I helped built a chicken coop, learned how to pour cement and repair old stone walls, pulled piles and piles of ivy from an ancient overgrown garden.  I took walks in the mist along the coast.  I watched the surfers fight through cold strong Atlantics waters.  I ate lobster, and mussels, crêpes, fresh bread and lots and lots of butter.  I admired ancient mossy churches, watched the cows graze in the morning sunshine and picked wild berries from the hedges.  All the while in my rubber boots and yellow wool hat.  Sometimes I felt as if I were living 150 years earlier, in the era of Jane Austen, when life was pure, simple, slow, and everyone hard working.  The sun shone on us on 5 out of the 22 days, so I learned to love grey skies.  I slept in a bedroom only 500 meters from the sea,  and it was wonderful.

Below you will see various photos of the 3 weeks I spent there.  Of the towns of Audierne, Quimper, Douarnenez, Cap Coz, Théolen, Kermeur and many coasts and beaches in between.  Warning, I really like rocks and French architecture!

A huge thank you Camille & Thomas & Moh for letting us stay at the farm.  For putting up with us, for teaching us your simple ways, and for making us work with our hands.  We will be back, if not sooner than later.

You can follow their project & story ( in French ) here :



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