GROW TO GATHER – April 2020

Dear Family, Friends, Followers, Colleagues and Clients ….

For the last 10 weeks I have been hard at work in order to bring my newest project to life. I have been brainstorming, writing, designing, cooking, emailing, photographing and planning. And now I am very happy to introduce the book:

a seasonal guide to cooking and sustainable living


Organized by season, GROW TO GATHER gives us appealing recipes and ideas for everyday use. This book not only gives us wholesome meals to sustain our bodies, but also teaches us the best foods to cook, when to use them, and why.

Throughout all four seasons, cooking and photographing in real-time during the year 2020, I will explore growing and shopping in accordance with what mother earth has to offer. Aside from healthy, home-cooked recipes, this book provides a simple structure for working with local and seasonal ingredients, producing less waste, taking time for self-care, and reminds us of the importance of bringing people together at the dinner table.

I believe in eating a well balanced diet, which is mainly plant based, but realize that every body, and every person has different needs and options depending on their lifestyle. The recipes included in this book will not all be vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, or dairy free.  But will be labeled as such when applicable. The recipes in this book are a collection of family generation dishes, simple dinner staples and some of my own creations inspired from different cultures.

Whether it be in the garden, in the kitchen, or as a photographer, I am so excited to see all my work pay off in a project such as this.


Here’s where you come in. This project will only be possible with YOUR HELP ! 

GROW TO GATHER is being solely funded by an online crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising a certain amount of money from a large number of people. Only if this project reaches its online funding goal, will I be able to go forward into the next phase of its life.

Here, you can exclusively pre-order the book, as well as purchase other rewards, like garden to table dinners and events, in order to support the project.

Starting TODAY, on 1st APRIL 2020

Grow to Gather’s crowdfunding campaign is officially online and available for funding ! 
This campaign will be open until the 10th of May, and may be extended depending on its progress. But the sooner you can support it, and me, the better. Not everyone wants to be the first one to jump into the cold water, but I’ve done it often, and let me tell you, it feels great!

In order to do this you will need to follow the steps listed by Start Next on the website. The prices listed for all rewards are in Euros. If you pay from another country, or in another currency, your bank is responsible for converting the currency. Payment is available with credit card, or direct bank transfer.

If you are able to, and wish to support me in this project, I encourage you to do so right away. This not only encourages me, but helps others as well to contribute sooner than later.  This is the benefit of an online campaign, anyone can track it’s progress by looking at the website anytime !  

Please like, share, or forward this to anyone you think may be interested.

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 14.42.30

I cannot express enough thanks to you all for the support you give me and my small business. Whether it be with this project, or in the past or future.

In times of the coronavirus (COVID-19), things are not easy. I, myself, am struggling to stay positive and move forward. This project has been a dream of mine, and in my plans long before the virus broke out. And I have decided to continue with my plan,
the best that I can.

All we can do right now is support each other, near or far, in ways small or large, and to try to make the best out of the situation we find ourselves in. Whatever that may be, wherever that may be. Please inform yourself well about the virus and follow the guidelines in your country and region. And give thanks and appreciation to all those in the medical field. You are all heroes!

Sure, solidarity between leaders is pretty low right now.  But solidarity between people across balconies and borders is high. Connection is going up. Pollution down. Fish in rivers up. Plane tickets down. Creativity up. Electricity consumption down. Of all the bad that this virus is bringing with it, maybe just somewhere underneath everything, it is bringing with it some good. 


“Build on past successes,
be grateful for what you do have,
and know that this, too, shall pass.  

It’s only for the now.
Whatever we’re facing, it’s not forever. ”
– Dave Pelzer


Sending you positive vibes from Munich.
Stay safe and healthy and I hope to see you soon,


PS. Since I wrote this, GROW TO GATHER has been successful funded. Thank you to you all for contributing !

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