YOGARDA, Lake Garda – Sept. 2017

Dear Friends and followers …

It has been a while since I was able to share my photos and adventures with you all. Sorry it has been a busy few months! But now that the weather is colder and my yearly travels have come to a close, it is time to share with you again.

On the first weekend of September, despite many thunderstorm warnings, we traveled the 450 kilometers to Lake Garda. A very large Alpine lake in Trentino in Northern Italy.  Germans as well as many other Europeans flock here for vacationing and recreation all throughout the year, and now I understand why.  This gorgeous fresh water lake, temperate climate and the many outdoor mountain activities offer so much.  Not to mention the colourful towns, Italian food and gelato are top!  I was lucky enough to receive a yoga/climbing weekend in the mountains as a pre birthday gift from my boyfriend. Thanks Matthieu!  5 outdoor Yoga Sessions, 1 morning rock climb,  1 fixed rope route climb, 3 extra large gelatos, and many new friends filled this long weekend perfectly.

My photos below are of the mountain town of Arco, including views of the Garda Lake and their surrounding beautiful cliffs and mountains.  A huge thanks to Anna Kathalina for her yogi friendship, and for getting me out of bed at 6 am. To Eleonora Raggi and the Team at the Camping Zoo for helping make our stay so comfortable, and the Friends of Arco for introducing me to the wonderful world of climbing.




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