A Rainy Day in Salzburg – May 2018

Hello Folks,

On a rainy Thursday in May, along with my mother, I travelled by train to Salzburg for the day.  The weather said that the rain was supposed to stop in the afternoon, so we decided to travel anyway, even though we would be outside all day, and hoped for the best.  We were there for 8 hours and got very wet.  Thankfully we dressed for the weather!  The rain only stopped 30 minutes before we had to catch the train home, but I am very thankful it was so.  While there, I was reminded how beautiful a city can be in the rain, especially one usually filled with tourists like Salzburg.  Although there were a few crowds, most streets were empty, all the plants and flowers were fresh and alive and the light that fell on this gorgeous city was subtle, beautiful, blue and calm.  We spent the day wandering the streets of the old city & the Fortress ( Festung Hohensalzburg ) , stopping in cafés and galleries when we needed a break to rest our feet and dry our heads.  I have only been here once before, in October 2010, and was glad to see that not much has changed.  Salzburg has so much charm, beauty and culture.  A must see for all of you music, art, or like me, Sound of Music fans out there.  At some point or another while visiting you will catch yourself singing something from this musical.  I guess being the birthplace of Mozart, this city will enchant even the most non-musical folk like me to hum.  The old city of Salzburg is a UNESCO heritage site and there is no question as to why.  This city has a population of 150, 000 people, and is completely accessible by foot.  My tips to all that visit; take the stairs up the alleys you are unsure of, don’t follow a map, eat something sweet, and don’t go on a weekend.  Most of these images were taken with a tilt-shift lens.  This is a special manual lens that tilts and shifts the object that is being photographed in the camera before it is saved.  It is one of my favourites :)  Enjoy!

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