Anni & Patrick – May Marriage 2017

This May, I had the privilege of photographing two beautiful happy people, Ann-Katrin & Patrick. I have know these two for about 6 years, and was so pleased when they asked me to photograph their wedding.

The civil ceremony took place in downtown Munich at the “Neue Rathaus” ( city hall ), a beautiful building, and luxury for these Munich folk. After a short ceremony, the couple celebrated in the basement Restaurant of the Rathaus the “Ratskeller” a very traditional, historic & huge location.

The following weekend, myself, the bride & groom & their family and friends gathered in Oldenburg, a small city just outside Bremen in the North of Germany to celebrate again. A Catholic/Evangelical Lutheran ceremony took place in the large St. Lamberti Church in Oldenburg, followed by champagne & gorgeous baked goods in the Oldenburg Schlossgarten Park. Dinner, drinks, & festivities took place at the Wardenburger Hof Hotel long into the night. Everywhere I turned I saw so many small details that the bride, groom & their family & friends put together. It really made this day a special one.

Beautiful weather, big smiles & amazing people made these days so pleasureable. A huge thanks to you Ann-Katrin & Patrick,  the Fischer family, the Keiler family, & all the other guests for making these days possible & beautiful. I was so happy to be a part of it. Congratulations!

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