C’est Paris – March 2013

Hello friends, family and fellow followers….

This past week I had the chance to travel to Paris for a few days to visit my boyfriend working abroad.  The weather didn’t treat us well, but I would never let that ruin my adventure. While there I stocked up on croissant,  baguette, and pain au chocolate. These French baked goods are so delicious it’s hard to understand why I would ever eat anything else.  I had an amazing time being able to explore the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay in the daytime while he was at work. I cannot believe that almost every piece of art I have ever learned about in art history class was housed in these 2 beautiful museums. My journey took me into another world. One of colour, brushstrokes, architecture and love. I recommend both museums to anyone who has the chance and shares such a similar passions. You will also find images of the area of Montmatre, The Moulin Rouge, the Place de Vosages, and various streets throughout the city. A big thanks to my new Swiss/French friend Daphne for making my day at the museum an even more enjoyable one. I hope you enjoy this beautiful and enchanting city as much as I did.  À bientôt !

One thought on “C’est Paris – March 2013

  1. Great pictures Andrea! Thanks for the sweet comment, it was very nice sharing the day with you. A bientot! Daphne

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