Near the Water – Nov. 2011

Hello Everyone!

Before  the rain and cold Winter approaches, here are some photos from November’s nice weather. The following images are of  the Bavarian lakes, Tegernsee, Ammersee and Starnbergersee . Below, you will also find a few photos of children at night holding lanterns. These are from the Feast of St. Martin celebration here in Munich. It is a tradition for children to carry homemade paper lanterns through the streets before meeting at a bonfire. Here, the story of St. Martin is shared with the children and the other walkers about how he cut his coat in half and warmed a poor man on the street. The children are given a piece of bread to share with there company, just as he did with the poor man. It was beautiful seeing all the children’s colourful lanterns and hearing their carols. A new tradition I was very glad to be a part of.   I hope this cold wet weather brings snow, I can not wait for Winter photos!


One thought on “Near the Water – Nov. 2011

  1. What a pleasure to reach a bit of my hometown in your pictures, who are very pretty.
    I wish you and my bro’ a happy happy new year!
    Keep smiling, es steht dir so gut.

    Des baisers de Nantes à Munich

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