München im Herbst – Oct. 2011

Hello All !

( a translation for the non Germans, Munich in Autumn :)

So I have been living in Munich Germany for one month now and I am really falling in love with the people, parks, food and especially all the Fall colours. I have had some help with a few of these photos. As you will see, I am featured in some of them. This is thanks to my very talented new friend and au pair son Jakob. You will also see his sister Annick and her big smile in the following photos :) We have been having a lot of fun photographing and playing in the Fall leaves. Also shown here is my boyfriend Matthieu and his Bike Polo team playing in the park. Yes, Bike Polo is exactly that. Polo, like the British sport on horses, but played on bikes. It is very cool to watch. Maybe some day I will play! Check Youtube for some videos to see the game in action.  I hope all is well back in Canada! Enjoy and Schones Wochenende ! ( This means have a good weekend in German) Yes I am making progress!


One thought on “München im Herbst – Oct. 2011

  1. Beautiful pictures Andrea… the kids are adorable!! Thanks for sharing!!!
    (I love the cement house with the green door… so sweet!!!) Hugs – Auntie

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