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In 2020 I am proud to say that I am working 100% as a freelance photographer. Photoshoots, Workshops, and Retreats are all on my plate. I will also be working on a new project throughout the 4 seasons of 2020. 

Most of you know how much I love food, as well as photography. This new project combines both of these loves together in one bundle. Watch a video HERE to learn more.

This book will be a collection of recipes along with corresponding images for each recipe. They will all be written, cooked, and photographed by myself. I plan to work along with nature throughout each season to produce this book. That means using the vegetables I plant myself, or fruit from local markets in real time over the growing season. My goal is to educate the reader about the food we eat, and what to choose to cook in which season and why. Making it easier to cook in accordance to our bodies needs, as well as those of the earth.

Please stayed tuned to my social media channels as well as my website for more information in the upcoming weeks. Any of your thoughts, comments, input and feedback regarding this project is very helpful !